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From Photo ... To Line Art ... To T-Shirt!

Tired of boring 1 or 2 color designs?


Check out the world of Direct to Garment Printing

WHAT IS IT? It is simulated process printing that prints directly to the garment then passes through an industrial sized screen print dryer. These prints last as long, if not longer, than traditional screen prints and transfers.

HOW DOES IT WORK? It works similar to a desktop computer printer. It uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and white inks to print unlimited colors right to the garment via a computer file. There are no screens and no color separations needed. All art is prepared from the computer then processed (RIPed) to run on the DTG printer.

WHAT KIND OF ARTWORK IS NEEDED? From a computer file to a hand drawing we can have anything made. The better the artwork the less it will cost to get the artwork production ready. We have a full range of sports, police, fire, and corporate clip art available for those who only have an idea, but no existing artwork.

WHAT KINDS OF APPAREL CAN YOU PRINT ON? 100% cotton, 50/50 blend, lycra, terry cloth, velour, some polyester products. Best results come from 100% cotton tees & high cotton content sweatshirts (90/10 or 80/20). We cannot print on Nylon, poly mesh, or moisture wicking garments.

Advantages over regular Screen-Printing:

  • No minimums
  • No color separations
  • No screen charges
  • Personalized multicolored prints
  • Low setup charges
  • No charge for additional colors in your print
  • 4 Color Process Printing is no longer for huge quantities.
  • Using a CMYK color pallet allows color fades, shading, halftones, & photo-realistic prints.
Design your own ... give it a try!
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For more information on pricing for Direct to Garment Printing, click here.

Some Stock Symbols and Layouts:

Ice Hockey

Retailers & Websites are you tired of carrying inventory?
Cozy offers fullfillment services with quick turnaround times. Print your display samples then Cozy prints only what you have sold. Offer a wide range of product without having to stock every print in every size.

T-Shirt Samples

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